Zadanie 6

„I’m the treasure” – dzielimy się naszymi wrażeniami z wykonanych zadań. 10-30.01.2017

Wykorzystaliśmy nową platformę Quizziz.

Feedback from Otrębusy in Poland

Dear friends,

We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to participate in that special project. Time goes on and all our students and we the teachers can see what we have achieved so far. That is fantastic! We have been inspired by our eTwinning page which is full of information, images and emotions so we decided to prepare something special for you. ☺ Our students have made a lot of interesting quizzes based on the knowledge from our project site plus they have found additional information about all project partner countries. They have learnt a lot about you, your schools and treasures around you!

We want you to try them out! Please play and enjoy! Play and learn at the same time!

You can do it individually but the best fun is to play in groups (at school?). Just click on the links. Each link goes to different quiz.

Using Quizziz is easy. First you click on the link, then “play live!”, then “proceed”. Ask your students to open and enter the 6-digit quiz code. To finally join the game the students need to enter their names. That’s it!

We count on any feedback from you. Did you like the quizzes?