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„Treasurelands” – opisujemy szkołę i najbliższą okolice. 12-30.09.2016


Otrębusy is a village situated in Masovia Province near the capital of Poland – Warsaw. Our school consist of two buildings – one for primary school and the other for high school. In primary school there are 398 students and in high school 165 students. 64 teachers help us to get to know the world. Our school operates on two floors. In high school there is a library, a canteen, 8 classrooms, a gym and a students’ club. In primary school there is a library, three common rooms, 2 gyms and a secretariat. Outside the school we can use both football and volleyball pitches and a playground surrounded by beautiful forest.


TREASURELAND – school in Otrębusy and the nearby gems.


Around the school there are a lot of interesting places – our treasureland. We have 3 museums: the Museum of Motorization, Polish Folk Art Museum and State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble „Mazowsze” which is world-renowned ballet, choir and orchestra. In the shows you can enjoy songs and dances from 39 ethnographic regions of Poland.

In Otrębusy there is also a church and a small historic palace.

Thanks to Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) we can easily get to school or visit Warsaw which is packed with great historic and cultural sights.